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What makes KrickFit the best?

KrickFit is the best because we believe our bodies are a gift. A gift that each individual should be able to use in any way they wish. Whether it be keeping up with the grandkids, recovering from injury or being a successful athlete, our methods are unique and our clients goals become our personal mission. We believe that physical health starts with Function continues through Holistic Health, Fitness and finally Performance. Clients come in at various stages of this sequence of health; it is our job at KrickFit to assess our clients, help them identify, and ultimately achieve their goals within the context of this continuum to make a significant and permanent change in their overall long-term health.

How is our approach to training unique from other fitness programs?

The KrickFit method is a unique approach to fitness. What sets us apart is our extensive trainer education, our assessment process and our incorporation of holistic health. We are committed to designing individualized training programs rooted in science, functional movement and behavior modification based on musculoskeletal evaluation, and proprietary physiological assessment of movement, stress management, sleep and nutrition. Our philosophy is to educate, inspire, nurture and empower individuals to integrate these distinct elements and optimize their health and happiness in all aspects of life.

What are the different programs offered?

At KrickFit we work with each client on an individual basis, creating detailed and unique program designs and then reassessing every 6-8 weeks. Often, a client is a good fit for online training which is facilitated by a web-based program in which the trainer uploads the specifically designed program and the client performs them remotely. In these instances, the client would still come into the studio for a physical reassessment. 


What is the history of KrickFit?


KrickFit was established in 2011 by current owner and founder, Michael Krick. A Kinesiology major, Krick originally became a certified personal trainer to teach outdoor fitness classes. After working at a local fitness club, he decided to branch out on his own. KrickFit was born as a mobile training practice as Krick took his expertise to individual client's homes. Within a couple years, he quickly gained popularity and success and decided it was time to take the next step. Krick opened his first brick and mortar, in San Anselmo in 2014 and in 2018 Michael Krick opened The Quad, a wellness center in El Dorado Hills where he also currently trains out of

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